My humble attempt at making mee hoon kueh or flour cake soup. For some reason, the translation to English sounds really gross to me. Anyway, the process of making the hand-made noodles is really simple. Instead of the usual string-like noodles that we are used to, this dish uses pieces of dough as its noodles. Its kinda like using ravioli instead of spaghetti in an Italian meal. You get my drift. I formed the dough using all purpose flour, some salt and added enough water to form a doughy consistency. Then, I left it wrapped in a damp paper towel for approximately 20 minutes before rolling the dough out and peeling it into the soup to cook. I used some pork bones and fried minced meat to make the soup base. I know this is not the actual recipe (I read somewhere that we are supposed to use anchovies as the soup base) but hey, I am trying to clear out my kitchen here. Trying my best to delay grocery shopping and utilizing all the leftover meats I have in the refrigerator, I made quite an unbalanced meal this time around. When I do not see any greens in the picture, it makes me feel sad and incomplete. Am I weird?


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