I have been itching to braid my hair recently for some weird, unknown reason. I say this because I prefer my hair to be relatively fuss free: wash, blow dry and if I am lucky, I use a comb but more often than not, I just use my God given fingers. Yes, I am that lazy. But, since my vanity has soared to unknown heights, what better way to embellish a messy bun than with a pretty braid. Ooh la la.


4 Responses to BRAIDS OF WHIMSY

  1. chloe chuah says:

    im so happy yr vanity is as high as mine!!hehehe..i got a haircut!!hehe

  2. julia says:

    that’s such a pretty braided up-do, sar! super skilled, you are.
    by the way, i’ve been meaning to comment on your scrumptious food and recipes in your earlier posts for days now: YOU ARE MY COOKING INSPIRATION. You are like the Julia to my Julie. hahahaha. (have you watched that movie?) no seriously, why are you so awesome? xx

    • thesarahtan says:

      awwthanks chulia. that is so sweet! no, I actually havent watched that movie. but i will now, thanks to you. i see u are quite the little chef as well. the pancakes u made awhile ago looked delish. ;)

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