imma rockstaaaar and i am lovin my stinkin awesome chinrest


5 Responses to FENDER

  1. julia says:

    Unfortunately, it’s ILLEGAL to own bunnies in Queensland, Australia. INORITE?! That’s crazy talk! But it’s true. :(

  2. karms says:

    Awwww, mimi is sooo cute! :) I miss it! and its eyeliner eyes…

  3. julia says:

    gaaah every time i look at your adorable, adorable bunny, i think of the many times i’ve ogled at the bunnies at this specific pet shop i always visit, but never bought! :(( wuwuwu. ‘cos i keep thinking of who’s going to take care of it when i leave. (answer: no one. and the last two rabbits i owned died of a thunder-scare. sigh)

    i want a lop-eared bunnnyyyy! i saw the adorablest one the other day, RM150. how much do bunnies cost in the States?

    yours is so cute la, sar! hehe. give mimi a cuddle for me, won’t you please? <3

    • thesarahtan says:

      sorry to hear about your previous bunnies. they really are such fragile creatures but cute to death. u should get one when u go to aussie! hehe. its super cheap here. at least the ones i bought. fifteen dollars a bunn. I should buy a bunch and ship them home to sell. haha. if only that was possible. i will cuddle mimi on your behalf :) He says thanks.

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