It was not a typical day in the city of Atlanta and definitely not in this time of year. Sheets of snow covered the cars like icing on a cake. Stepping out, snow coated trees surrounded us like a scene from some Winter Wonderland.  Results of global warming I guess. I don’t know if I should be scared for mother earth’s impending demise or happily basking in its beauty but regardless, I can’t help but feel like a little kid again. Snowflakes make me loopy. We also took a drive downtown just out of curiosity.

And I had a fight with my boyfriend - a snowball fight.
That's me making ammo and just to put it out there, I won.

Oh, and here's to the debut of my snow bunny.
I shall name it Potatoe, after the vegetable.

It was a pretty perfect day.


5 Responses to WHITE FEBRUARY

  1. joyce says:

    its so pretty, do keep warm

  2. karms says:

    looks like snow hit everywhere in the States! :P we’ve been having so much snow its no longer fun for us…

  3. julia says:

    These photos are absolutely beautiful, Sarree berrryyy. I love ’em! And you’re looking sooper pretty as usual. ((:

    Happy Valentine’s Day and Blessed Chinese New Year!


    p/s: your snow bunny is purrfect.

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