Today was the beginning of a long memorial weekend and what better way to kick start it by sleeping in. The highlight of the day was barbecuing in the beautiful weather, just the two of us. On the menu – skewers of chicken and sweet peppers, steak slices with a tangy wine marinade, buttered asparagus, cucumber skewers, salmon, and garlic buns.

And these two piggies were stuffed.



Because it was that time of the year again,

I wore the dress you snail mailed me from far, far away.

And got a surprise with a meal cooked from scratch.

Not forgetting, the kind wishes of many and sweet gestures of some.

It’s about time I started getting used to being 23.


It was not a typical day in the city of Atlanta and definitely not in this time of year. Sheets of snow covered the cars like icing on a cake. Stepping out, snow coated trees surrounded us like a scene from some Winter Wonderland.  Results of global warming I guess. I don’t know if I should be scared for mother earth’s impending demise or happily basking in its beauty but regardless, I can’t help but feel like a little kid again. Snowflakes make me loopy. We also took a drive downtown just out of curiosity.

And I had a fight with my boyfriend - a snowball fight.
That's me making ammo and just to put it out there, I won.

Oh, and here's to the debut of my snow bunny.
I shall name it Potatoe, after the vegetable.

It was a pretty perfect day.