Everyone has some activity that induces sheer bliss. It could be as simple as savoring your favorite bar of chocolate or as comforting as curling up in bed with a book. As for me, I find my bliss in creating things and exploring the different facets of the crafting world. Within the past month, I have stumbled on countless craft blogs and I must say that the blogging mommies really have something going for them. They are the most creative bunch I know and I can’t get enough! Unfortunately, I have am no mommy and I haven’t got babies of my own soooo, it is useless dreaming up my own baby fashion show. Good thing someone I know is having a baby though. So as a present, I made a pair of adorable baby socks to cover up those jellybean toes. I hope this tutorial helps those who need some tiny socks of their own.

Get a good pair of adult sized socks with a stretchy material,

turn in inside out and cut the sides and top away.

Sew the sides and leave a small gap at the top unsewn.

I hand stitched it but of course, if you have a sewing machine, use it!

Your stitches would look more professionally done, unlike mine.

A sewing machine is definitely on my wish list now (hint hint).

Measure an elastic around the sock and sew it into a ring that is slightly smaller than the sock’s diameter.

In this project, I used what I had lying on my vanity – my elastic hair band.

Place it around the sock and fold the unsewn flaps down and start sewing inconspicuous seams.

You will end up with something like this.

Time for some rosettes! I used a whole collar and some scraps from my cut-up cotton T-shirt.

Cut the collar into half and start the decorating process on your first sock.

Make a straight line with wide seams at one end of the collar and pull to create pretty ruffles.

Then, stitch the ends together to create a pretty rosette.

You can make it more elaborate by using more material scraps and repeating the same process.

Sew the two rosettes together and add more embellishments if you like.

I added a freshwater pearl in the middle.

When it is pretty sturdy, turn your sock the right side up and sew the rosette to the front side of the sock.

When you are done with one side, repeat the whole process on the other sock. After that was done, I also sewed a ribbon on each side because baby girls cannot get enough of ribbons, flowers and fairies.

Aren’t they just adorable?