Guess what I bought?

Imagine how many things I can alter, invent, or revamp with this baby, The Janome TB12.

First project that I completed on my never ending mental list?

A polka-dot pin cushion!

Well, because my pins need a fashionable place to rest. Speaking of rest (or the inability to), I have just ended my job stint three days ago and I am already in “fidget-mode.” I’m not by any means complaining, just in case I am misunderstood. I enjoy doing “nothing much” for awhile and snoozing until it’s almost lunch time. However, I’m pretty amazed at how quickly my circadian rhythm jumped back to the “college student lifestyle.” Might as well, since I am technically a college student again in a month or so. Anyway, since I am starting this new hobby, I figured I should start it out right. With that I mean, making a fancy schmancy box to store all my sewing essentials! …and reading the sewing machine manual, of course but let’s not talk about the boring stuff.

In this project, I reused an old rectangular shipping box, a Victoria Secret paper bag with two pink tissue papers included in the packaging and some cloth I had lying around. Using my all purpose tacky glue, I was all geared up and ready to go. Here’s how to make your own! Use two tissue papers (layered one on top of the other) covering the bottom and wider sides of the box. Then, cut out the VS paper bag with its ribbon handles intact and glue it on to shorter sides of the box. When the glue is dry, trim all uneven or excess material. Use a matching cloth to line the inside of your box and secure the cloth in place with your tacky glue. Last but not least, trim the excess cloth sticking out of your pretty box or just fold them into a hem and glue it down (like what I did).

Now, my your sewing essentials won’t be scattered all over the table. :D